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Brazil: The State Within

Brazil: The State Within

 A succession of scandals overwhelms the Brazilian nation, from lying politicians to pitiful judgments. That is a shame because Brazil is a great country of generous people.

 But while the United States of America were civilized by "Pioneers", Brazil was colonized by "Bandeirantes". Bandeirantes meaning people who wanted to make an easy fortune, overnight, in the name of "auri sacra fames" (gold fever). "Bandeirantes", in present day, mean all sorts of corruption. As they say in Brazil, "jeito brasileiro de levar vantagem em tudo" (Brazilian way to take advantage of everything). This is an enormous national deformation. The Brazilian people find grace in everything, even in their own misfortune.

 In Brazil exists many opposites within  the same country. There is a highly technological Brazil, but also have an extreme illiterate population and a deeply deplorable Public Education system.  There are first class Medical fields, however at the same time  exists a hideous Public Health care system and so on.

 Brazil is a rich country with an immoral society. The social injustices in Brazil are of Amazon dimensions. Brazil is a rich country and a poor country. In Brazil things work more or less for the wealthy and categorically do not work for the poor. There is no justice for the poor people in Brazil and almost no human and social rights. Even today we have slavery in Brazil as well as child prostitution. Today we still have farmers killing indigenous populations and missionaries. In Brazil often very poor women have given birth on the sidewalk, in the street and even on the lawn in front of the hospitals that do not hospitalized them. This is the real Brazil, this is Brazil’s Real (currency). There are many "Brazils" in a vilified, assaulted Brazil.

 At the core of all Brazilian problems is corruption. Corruption is in the Three Branches because it is outside of them too. Corruption is in the Executive Branch. Corruption is in the Legislature. Corruption is in the Judiciary. This is the major challenging Brazil will have to pass to genuinely build a respectable nation.

 We must make a renovation in the entire political system. Starting with the electronic voting proven so vulnerable to fraud. Social programs that encourage poverty with domination of the voting system for the perpetuation of power. The old formula of "bread and circuses" as "verbi gratia" exists in the Brazil World Cup. Billions and billions of dollars spent instead of being applied correctly in order to make the celebration of the global football industry of Fifa. Worse than this, promoting egregious violations of Human Rights, thousands and thousands of families evicted arbitrarily, to building stadiums that will be all for naught, except for the real estate speculation of unscrupulous exploiters of misery. As Congressman Romario says, the famous Brazilian soccer player, this is the biggest robbery in the history of Brazil. Well, I must confess I am not sure. Actually Brazil has been attacked by unspeakable interests for the last five centuries.

 Democracy currently lives with the rule of non-Rights, where an international drug dealer, with an arrest warrant issued in several countries, including Brazil, sits next to the President of the Republic of Brazil, in the place of her honor guests in the presidential box, attending the World Cup opening, while Brazilian people have no schools, have no hospitals, and are the subject of brutal beatings within the framework of legitimate protests in a representative democracy as stated in the Brazilian Constitution.

 Rich Brazil, poor Brazil. We will truly be admirable not just in territorial grandeur, which unfortunately is being devastated every second by corporate greed, the day when we will have qualified Public Education for our beautiful children. The current generation, I mean our present generation, was born rotten. Brazil is still a savage, barbaric country. And the message to the President is unpublishable. By the way, now she is having a crystal globet of champagne with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping filled with blood of humanity. There is no ethics in her criminal government and political party. All is about power and money. Nonetheless, one day, things will be different! I have no doubt. Brazil is a wonderful country.

Flávio Marcondes Velloso, a visiting professor, member of Pimenta Bueno Institute, Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo, of the Association of Law and Economics, Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra, author of the petition CPI DA COPA (ções/senadores-e-deputados-o-brasil-não-é-a-casa-da-mãe-joana-queremos-a-cpi-da-copa), and of the books "International Court of Justice, Path to a New Community", "Right of Interference for Humanitarian Reasons in Regions of Conflict", "Law of the Sea, Area, Departure for a New International Law", among others. Blogs http://porumbrasilnovo.blogspot.com, e-mail Written in Corona del MarCalifornia, United States, July 21st, 2014.